Security Breached!

Website breached by Jukz!

If you're the owner/manager of this website, we do apologize for the inconvenience.

We defaced your website to warn you about its vulnerability which we already fixed to protect your site from further hacks.

No file has been harmed or deleted. Just remove this page after reading our humble message.

We are

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We are a group of international independent hacktivists, inspired by the world's largest idea which is Anonymous. Composed of different types of hackers whose motivation is to protest against tyranny, oppression and corruption. We spread our messages generally through website defacements. We don't hack for fun, but to warn developers about their websites' vulnerability. Some are motivated by politics or religion, while others may wish to expose wrongdoing, or exact revenge, or simply for our own entertainment. We are not state-sponsored hackers, we act without strings attached. We are mostly categorized as Grey Hat hackers.

"Security Can't Stop Our Curiosity!"

Global Security Hackers | 2016